Ponsceramics believe Porcelain tiles are the perfect choice for walls and floors, both internally and externally but thankfully so do many others, just take a closer look around, porcelain tiles feature in numerous applications all over the UK. It’s not just the beauty of Porcelain tiles that make them so popular, it’s the real advantages they have when compared to other materials such as natural stone, vinyl, carpets, laminates, and wood.  Following we detail six key benefits of Porcelain tiles.

Top six of porcelain tiles:

Simple to maintain

Porcelain tiles require minimal maintenance to ensure their form and function remain as good as the day they were installed. A simple clean with warm water and mop is enough to keep them gleaming, including textured tiles. Avoid abrasive cleaning products, they’re not needed. Porcelain tiles don’t require sealing or waxing upon installation or ongoing throughout time.

Stain Resistant

Porcelain tile is regarded as “impervious,” which means it has a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. Water absorption rates are a measurement of how much moisture a specific type of porcelain tile is likely to absorb on an ongoing basis. In real terms this means its difficult for water to penetrate the surface, making a red wine spillage an inconvenience rather than a lasting stain on your countertop or flooring.

Porcelain Tiles

Perfect for environments subject to splashing!

Porcelain tiles are ideal for interior and exterior spaces which regularly get wet such as bathrooms, shower rooms, pools, and balconies. Unlike wood and laminate flooring, porcelain tiles do not warp or swell due to ingress of water. A porcelain tile’s excellent resistance to water makes it perfect for ‘splash’ environments in hotels, leisure centres, spas, and homes.


Porcelain tiles are tough and not easily damaged. They have great wear and tear resistance making them a great choice for high foot fall areas throughout homes, offices, shops, bars and hotels for example. Porcelain tiles will pass the test of time, their durability benefits mean they shouldn’t need replacing for years to come!

Outdoor living

In recent times we have seen a notable growth in the demand for open spaces and rear of property developments. Large glass bifold doors that slide away to open up outdoor spaces, casting light and air into open plan kitchens/living spaces; bringing the outdoors, indoors.  Porcelain tiles are perfect for this application, laid inside stretching outwards into the patio or garden area to provide one individual space, combining inside with outside.

Its no secret that the British weather can be a little unpredictable and a tad wet at times! Porcelain tiles are resistant to frost and staining, giving the peace of mind that your outdoor space won’t be ruined by the inclement weather. Furthermore, porcelain tiles are UV resistant, so if the British sun does make an appearance your tiles will remain looking great!

Aesthetically pleasing and suitable for numerous design styles

Porcelain tiles look amazing and the range of colours, styles and patterns is endless. Whether a marble effect like the stunning ‘CRASH’ collection by Geotiles, a more subtle offering like ‘Cosmopolita’ or a wood effect such as ‘Ragusa’ by Tau Ceramica.  Whether in a stylish modern hotel spa, a traditional inspired home kitchen design, or a retro apartment, there is a range of porcelain tiles to suit your design needs.

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