Header image: Baranello by TAU Ceramica.

Do your research!

Before you start anything, do your research, think about the overall design you are looking to achieve, what design styles do you like, modern or traditional, simplistic or full of visual stimulus? Once you have decided upon your overall design have a look through magazines and online for images of bathroom interiors and tiles you like. Perhaps even take a few snapshots of interiors and tiles you like the style of.

Colour & Pattern

Once you have chosen your interior design style, decide whether the tiles will play a leading role in making the concept work or just a subtle extra in the overall make up of the bathroom. The choice of colour and pattern is integral to achieving the look you are after.  The options for both patterned and coloured tiles are vast.  ‘RUSSAFA’ by Geotiles for example is a stunning pattern design that packs a real punch, its sure to create a true focal point to any bathroom interior. Conversely for a more subdued approach you may want to consider a porcelain tile like Baranello by TAU Ceramica.

Above image: RUSSAFA by Geotiles

Comprising of two designs, Baranello White, a white porcelain tile with a subtle light grey marble design and Baranello Gold, a biophilic inspired patterned tile to provide subtle contrast and interest.

Choice of colour is key for creating the right mood for your bathroom. Neutral colours help keep the tone of a room calm and clean which really helps in smaller rooms. For the ultimate in serenity consider ‘Channel by TAU Ceramica, it’s a collection of porcelain tiles in four colours, White, Linen, Sand and Gray. Ideal for cool, calm and sophisticated bathrooms, perfect for relaxation.


Bathrooms are by nature get wet and contain moisture, so consider the performance factor of the tiles. Natural tiles look fantastic but not all are ideal for wet areas, marble for example looks great but its more porous than granite and can crack if not treated properly to prevent water ingress, marble is also quite soft relatively speaking so it can mark and scratch without care.  Porcelain tiles are tough and not easily damaged. They are ideal for bathrooms, shower rooms, and pools because they don’t warp or swell due to ingress of water. A porcelain tile’s excellent resistance to water makes it perfect for ‘wet’ environments.

Above image: Channel by TAU Ceramica

Large or small?

How big is your bathroom? If your bathroom space is on the smaller size, consider using large format tiles that can make a room feel larger and airier. With larger spaces you can afford to be a little bolder with your design, particularly if you are planning to use pattern and prominent tonal ranges. If your interior space is on the larger side you also have the option of using smaller tiles without being too concerned about reducing the feeling of space.

Don’t forget!

Irrespective of whatever tile and bathroom style you choose don’t forget about the finish. Ensure your tiles look the best they can be by choosing the right adhesive, grout, colour and installer for the job! A badly installed tile can turn a beautiful design into a horror show, a poorly chosen grout colour can stick out like a sore thumb and take all emphasis from the tile.

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